Massive Delicious isn’t just the name of the band—it’s a moniker that describes the group’s scene and its sound. This is an act that blends reggae, soul, funk and jazz into big, tasty dubtastic grooves for large crowds of cute and costumed dancers—creating a mass of delicious energy, rhythm and movement.


Check out a review of our District 30 Reggae night here! Reggae night is every third Sunday of the Month at District 30 on K Street, Sacramento.

 Massive Delicious is Currently in the process of producing their second, yet to be named album. A tentative release date has been set for early 2015, but the group will take as much time as is necessary to ensure they put out a quality studio album for their fans to thoroughly enjoy. No stone will be left unturned, and the Reggae-Funk-Jazz-Jam band will be sure to Produce this record to the standards their fans have learned to love. Stay posted for album updates and singles and enjoy